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  • Blue-Blocking Glasses May Help Treat Bipolar Disorder, Promote Sleep

    Newsweek published a study of  University of Bergen and Valen Hospital in Norway in which  in a total of 23 bipolar disorder patients 12 individuals were given blue light protection eyewear while the remaining 11 didn’t.  The results showed that patients  who wore tblue light filtering  eyewear scored an average of 14 points lower in …

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  • Do I need Steamrays™ Eyegear?

    Modern way of life exposes our eyes to a new form of a high energy light, for which we are not biologically evolved to confront.   Blue-violet light can damage our eyes retina and tier layers.  Overexposure to this type of digital blue-violet light is one of the main reasons responsible for a modern syndrome known …

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  • Digital Eyestrain and Kids

    Digital eyestrain does not just affect adults. Children are also at risk for eyestrain due to the growing use of digital devices. Children today have more digital gear at their disposal than ever before – tablets, smart phones; videogames are just among a few.  By some accounts, children and teenagers (ages 8-18) spend more than seven (7) …

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  • Why should we be concerned about blue light exposure?

    Blue light waves are the among the shortest, highest energy wavelengths in the visible light spectrum.  Because they are shorter, these “Blue” or High Energy Visible (HEV) wavelengths flicker more easily than longer, weaker wavelengths. This kind of flickering creates a glare that can reduce visual contrast and affect sharpness and clarity. This flickering and …

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  • Protecting your Eyes from “Bad” Blue Light

    The world can be a dangerous place, especially if viewed through the naked eye. Ocular hazards resulting from both natural and artificial light are everywhere.The threat posed by exposure to ultraviolet light is well known to eyecare professionals, and a growing number of consumers are becoming aware of it as well, thanks to advertising by …

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  • Blue Light: All you need to know about blue light and protective eyewear

    Visible light is much more complex than you might think. Stepping outdoors into sunlight; flipping on a wall switch indoors; turning on your computer, phone or other digital device — all of these things result in your eyes being exposed to a variety of visible (and sometimes invisible) light rays that can have a range …

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