Digital Eyestrain & kids

“Nowadays, there seems to be a tendency for children to be around tablets and smartphones at a tender age. Sometimes sooner than learning how to walk”.

Whether it’s by playing the latest game, watching their favorite TV show, or studying, technology permeates a child’s life and does so at a young age.Before the age of 10, children’s eyes are not fully developed.  In early ages the crystalline lens and cornea are still largely transparent and overexposed to light, so too much exposure to Blue Light is not beneficiary. However, natural Blue Light (emitted by the sun and most areas of Blue Light spectrum) can be beneficial to our growth as they help to regulate our bodies’ internal clock. Blue Light triggers the creation of Melatonin, a very important hormone that tells the body when it should sleep. Unfortunately, over-exposure to Blue Light, especially at night time, can cause insomnia and sleep circle disruption.

Parents should supervise and limit the amount of screen time their children are permitted. However, the plethora of digital devices in which kids are exposed, makes the limitation of this kind of exposure almost impossible. For that reason, STEAMЯAYSeyewear will provide the ideal solution in protecting our kids’ eyes and general health from digital eye strain symptoms.

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