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SANOL™ Blue Light Guard Technology™

STEAMЯAYS™secured the exclusive internet rights for using Sanol™ Blue Light Guard™ innovative ophthalmic lens technology which actively and selectively filters blue light radiation emitted by digital device monitors while at the same blocks Ultra Violet A and Ultra Violet B radiations.

SANOL™Blue Light Guard™ technology-unlike other competitive products- allows most of natural Blue light to reach the eye, but when the lens detects blue light from an artificial light source( LED Monitor, lights, etc) it automatically triggers an electro-chemical reaction which blocks blue light transmittance.

This way, most of the beneficial Blue Light will reach the eye when you are wearing your STEAMЯAYS™ outdoors, but when hazardous artificial blue light is detected, then SANOL™ Blue Light Guard™ lenses will block up to 78% of that radiation, which is the highest performance achieved by all competitive products.

As a direct result of artificial blue light filtering  in the range of 420-450nm, the sensitive parts of retina are performing undistracted allowing increased contrast perception. Digital Eye Strain symptoms will be minimized, and since the beneficial Blue Light can reach your eyes, sleep disruption symptoms are minimized and circadian rhythm will not be affected when you are using digital devices.

SANOL™ Blue Light Guard™ Lenses are recommended by doctors for a full daily use . Blue Light Guard technology  delivers true color vision, regulates blue light radiation, enhances brightness and reduces contrast imbalances.


Sanol™ Blue Light Guard™ Rx Lens Features and Benefits


  • Active Blue Light Blocking, preventing DES symptoms.
  • UV420 Protection, preventing UV aging and damaging of the retina.
  • Active Contrast Perception Design, offering sharpness and reduced glare during night time driving.
  • Enhances visual acuity during low light condition.
  • True color perception; ideal for GFX designers.
  • Smudge Resistant, Water and Dust Repellent coatings.
  • Ashperical lens design for optimal visual acuity without aberration and better appearance.
  • UV- anti-reflection back surface, to preserve non-filtered UV rays to reflect back to your eye.
  • Titanium anti-scratch coating ensuring  years of durability.
  • Light weight and thin lens material.




Artificial blue light emissions combined with the constant focus at close to mid-range distances are responsible for experiencing eye fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches. Steamrays® Rx computer eyegear uses Sanol® Digiblue™ tecblg-passive-vs-active-transmittance1-jpghnology, an aspherical lens design which through a proprietary algorithm combines Blue Light Guard™ features with the prescription provided by your optometrist and your frame selection. Digiblue™ technology effectively reliefs your eyes from Digital Eye Strain symptoms featuring a unique level of contrast perception and sharpness.


Multifocal Lenses: Variblue™


Sanol® Variblue™ incorporates as many of the wearer’s personal parameters, in the production of the lens by combining Blue Light Guard™ features with the prescription provided by your optometrist and your frame selection. Variblue™ is designed for digital devices monitors use and it’s fitted individually for eblg-filteringach wearer, providing outstanding wearability and visual comfort.


Steamrays Sunshield ™


Steamrays -Sunshield ™ are tinted mineral (Crystal) lenses, which offer total protection against UVA and UVB while they’re regulate blue light radiation. Steamrays-Sunshield™ lenses are,Green-Gray(G-15) Neutral Grey and Brown in color and they can be mirror coated. Steamrays-Sunshield™ lenses are designed for outdoors activities including the use of digital devices and driving. A tough coating, which contains transparent Nano-composites, gives a strong scratch resistant surface which  ensures years of durability and topnotch performance.


SPS (Sanol™ Polarized Sunlens)


SPS (Sanol™Polarized Sunlens) is a high quality tinted lens delivering total protection against UV A radiation. Additionally SPS lens is polarized, designed to block the reflected light from horizontal surfaces, and to reduce glare. SPS lenses can be used for driving as they reduce glare from road surface and the hood of the car. SPS lens is ideal for all outdoors activities, where outdoor sports enthusiasts can benefit the most from polarized lenses.

If you are a skier, biker, golfer, jogger, or a surfer you will appreciate this light and strong lens and you will enjoy a clearer view along with elimination of glare. SPS can be Grey or  Brown in color and they can be mirror coated.



For outdoors users Photoreact-Blue™ lenses will automatically adjust their darkness by changing color.1. Photoreact-Blue is the only protochromic blue light lens in the market, and they are available in RI:1.56 and 1.6




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