“Six years ago, a Warlord arrived in Niflheim. He has spent the last couple of years gathering monsters under his rule”

Warlord is classic and fashion-forward at the same time,demonstrating Steamrays® innovative designs and proprietary technologies. The rectangular frame shape keeps it simple- but elegant, while the deep anatomical bridge design together with the rubberized tips on the sides offers perfect fit and prolonged comfort. Warlord Eyegear is made by Steamrays® proprietary material Uberplast 1™, which is the latest in the evolution of eyewear. It’s the toughest material in the industry and not only looks and feels light weight, but it’s also Hypo allergic, sweat neutral, flexible and practically unbreakable. Warlord series offers hi-quality magnetic clip-ons, fitted with safety neutral grey UV 400 polarized lenses with anti-reflection coating on their rear surface. Warlord clip-ons works together with Sanol® Blue light Guard lenses to neutralize glare, making Warlord eyegear ideal for driving and outdoors activities.


• Fashionable rectangular shape, suitable for all Rx’s.
• Includes magnetic clip-ons fitted with polarized lenses with rear surface anti-reflection coating.
• Uberplast 1™ material, unbreakable eyegear.
• Triangularly anchored  barrel joints- no more loose sides screws.
• Deep anatomical bridge design together with the rubberized tips.
• Sanol® Blue Light Guard ™ lenses.

Size and Fit:

lens width: 53 mm |lens height: 37 mm | bridge: 20 mm | front width: 139 mm | sides length: 140 mm | weight: 33 grams (with clip-on ).

Eyegear Details :

•Frame type: Full Rim-|Rectangular
•Color:Mat  Blue inside, with mat black.
•Frame Material: Uberplast-1™
•Lens type: SANOL® Blue Light Guard™ Aspheric Design
•Clip-on availability: Included_perfect fit_hi quality polarized lenses.
•Prescription Availability: All types. Please Visit Rx product page.
•Multifocal: All types. Please Visit Rx product page.

Frame Material:

Steamrays is using an Uberplast 1™ frame material which is the latest in the evolution of eyegear All frames are stylish yet tough; Uberplast 1™ guarantees to meet the demands of an active lifestyle. Innovation at its best, Uberplast 1™ gives eyeglasses a feather-light comfort.

Uberplast-I™ Frame Characteristics

  • Provides exceptional flexibility and durability.
  • Is ultra-lightweight and comfortable.
  • They have an excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Hypo allergic and sweat neutral.
  • High heat dissipating index to improve Sanol® blue light guard™ lens performance.
  • Heat and cold resistant from -30 to 230 Degrees Celsius


STEAMЯAYS® exclusively employs SANOL® Blue Light Guard™ patented technology which-in contrast with all other competitive lenses that they block both digital and natural blue light, it is actively and selectively filters the harmful blue light radiation emitted by artificial light sources (LED lights, etc.), while it allows most of the beneficial natural blue light to reach your eyes.

Features and Benefits

  • Active Blue Light Blocking, preventing DES symptoms.
  • UV420 Protection, preventing UV aging and damaging of the retina.
  • Active Contrast Perception Design, offering sharpness and reduced glare during night time driving.
  • True color perception, making them ideal for GFX designers.
  • Titanium anti-scratch coating ensuring many years of durability.
  • UV- antireflection back surface, to preserve un-filtered UV rays to reflect back to your eye.
  • Light weight and thin lens material.


Delivery time :5-7 days.
Free Shipping.


All Rx orders are carefully inspected by certified optical lab specialists, and they are covered by one year warranty against defects and workmanship. Steamrays warranty covers:

  • Manufacturing or workmanship defects on eyewear.
  • Frame or lens defect on Rx eyewear.
  • Scratched lenses are considered normal wear not covered under warranty.

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