Shipping Information

Your Steamrays Eyegear or Sunglasses will be shipped by UPS Standard Home Delivery Service with no additional charge .We currently ship to the E.U, the U.S, Canada, and Russian Federation.Please contact us at if you wish to place an order from another country.

The processing time depends on several things: the type of order, whether your order is complete (Do we have your prescription and PD?), and when you place it. Here’s what you should expect:

Order type Estimated delivery time
Non-prescription Computer Eyegear: 5-7 business days
Non-prescription sunglasses: 5-7 business days
Single-vision Eyegear and sunglasses: 25 business days
Progressives (glasses and sunglasses) and high-index sunglasses: 30 business days


Please note: Orders shipping outside the E.U. can take a few extra days to arrive.

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